Gianna was a post-doc researcher at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies (Lucca), in the framework of the EU FET Integrated Project MULTIPLEX #317532. She obtained her M.S in Environmental and Medical Physics (Summa cum Laude) at the University of Turin, where she also got her Ph.D. in Physics (topics: paleoclimatic reconstructions; advanced spectral analysis). She was at IFSI/INAF; at ISI Foundation, where she won a CRT Foundation Lagrange Scholarship co-funded by INFN and A.O.U. San Luigi G.; and at INFN in the framework of RDH Project (Research and Development in Hadrontherapy).  Her research interest are: (1) Advanced time-series analysis applied to geophysics, macroeconomics, biological systems; complex networks in biology; (2) Paleoclimatology and climate change; meteorites and cosmogenic radionuclides (gamma-ray spectroscopy); extreme events analysis (volcanic records) (3) Medical physics (hadrotherapy and BNCT, TPS).
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