Guido Caldarelli is the coordinator of the Network Unit, he is a statistical physicist and full professor in Theoretical Physics at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. Caldarelli received his Ph.D. from SISSA, after which he was a postdoc in the Department of Physics and School of Biology, University of  Manchester.  He then worked  at the  Theory  of Condensed Matter Group, University of Cambridge UK.  He returned to Italy as a lecturer at National Institute for Condensed Matter (INFM) and later as Primo Ricercatore in the Institute of Complex Systems of the National Research Council of Italy. In this period he was also the coordinator of the Networks subproject, part of the  Complexity Project,  for the  Fermi  Centre.  He also spent some terms at University of Fribourg (Switzerland). In 2006 he has been visiting professor at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, in 2007 in the University of Barcelona, and in 2010 in ETH Zurich. He is ISI Fellow and fellow of the London Institute for Mathematical Science from its foundation.



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