Visiting and Guest Scholars

Luca Avena was born in Rome (Italy) on 13 February 1981. In 2006 he received a M.Sc. in mathematics (cum laude) from the University of Rome, ROMATRE. His master thesis entitled "On the threshold of the random k-sat" was prepared under the supervision of Prof. F. Martinelli and Prof. P. Caputo. During his bachelor studies, he spent one year at the mathematics department in Granada (Spain) through the Erasmus exchange programme. After completion of his master studies, Luca started a PhD programme at Leiden University (The Netherlands) under the supervision of Prof. F. den Hollander. In 2010 he defended his PhD thesis entitled "Random walks in dynamic random environments". After few years as post-doc at the University of Zürich (Switzerland) in the group of Prof. E. Bolthausen and at the WIAS institute of Berlin (Germany) in the group of Prof. W. König, since June 2014 he has been employed as assistant professor in Probability Theory at Leiden University.
His main research activities focus on a number of topics of interest in probability theory and its applications in statistical; physics as e.g. random motion in random media, expansion methods and random graphs.

Professor Béla Bollobás FRS is the Jabie Hardin Chair of Excellence in Combinatorics at the University of Memphis, and a Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor Bollobás is one of the world's leading mathematicians in combinatorics. He has a huge published output, which includes major contributions to many different branches of this very large area, such as random graphs, percolation, extremal graphs and set systems, isoperimetric inequalities. His main area of research is combinatorics, particularly in graph theory. The two areas that interest him most are extremal graph theory and random graph theory.

Professor Andrea Gabrielli is a theoretical physicist. In recent years he collaborated to the development of the theory of EconomicComplexity and studied the problem of reconstruction of complex networks from partial information which is of capital importance mainly in finance. He has a solid expertise in statistical physics of complex systems, stochastic processes and complex network theory. He is currently a researcher at CNR and Visiting Professor at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, and at the Physics Department of the Boston University (MA, USA). He is the author of around 100 scientific publications on peer reviewing international journals and of one scientific book of statistical physics published by Springer (2004).

Antonio Scala PhD, is a theoretical physicist, he got a Master in Physics and Computer Science at the University of Napoli; thesis on Frustrated Percolation and Monte Carlo Dynamics (PRL). Research activity on Reaction-Diffusion systems (PRL), Complex Networks (PNAS) and Protein Folding (PRE, EPL). Teaching Quantum Mechanics, Experimental Physics, Introductory Physics. Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Boston University; thesis on Metastable Critical Points and Energy Landscapes (PRL, Nature).