Maximum Entropy Hub

Over the years, the NETWORKS unit contributed strongly to the development of maximum-entropy methods for the analysis of complex networks (see [1] and [2] for reviews). In the dedicated webpage Maximum Entropy Hub, we collect all the codes produced by our group in order to implement the various models. 

NOTE: you are free and welcome to use any of these codes in your own research, provided you cite the relevant source papers (indicated in the relevant webpage) for each code you use.

[1] Cimini, G., Squartini, T., Saracco, F. , Garlaschelli, D., Gabrielli, A., Caldarelli, G. The statistical physics of real-world networks. Nat Rev Phys 1, 58–71 (2019).

[2] Squartini, T. and Garlaschelli, D. Maximum-Entropy Networks: pattern detection, network reconstruction and graph combinatorics (Springer, 2017).