Miguel ibÁÑez berganza

Miguel Ibáñez Berganza

Miguel Ibáñez Berganza is Assistant Professor at the IMT School of Advanced Studies in Lucca since April 2023. He is a researcher with interests in statistical inference, computational neuroscience, cognitive science and epistemology, and a background in quantum and statistical mechanics. He holds two Master degrees (University of Granada, 2004; ENS-Lyon, 2006) and a PhD (Autonomous University of Madrid, 2011, supervised by Professor Germán Sierra), whose thesis was entitled “Exactly solvable models in low-dimensional many-body physics”. He has worked as a post-doctoral researcher in several Italian institutions: CNR-IPCF; Physics Department, Sapienza University; INFN-Parma; Italian Institute of Technology. In his early research career, Ibáñez has investigated several topics in statistical physics and information theory. More recently, he has developed novel applied research lines regarding, among other subjects: the mechanisms of information transmission in biological neural networks; the human perception of facial images. He has published in high-ranking journals as Physical Review Letters; Physical Review A,B,E; Nature Scientific Reports; Journal of Statistical Mechanics. Miguel has officially supervised 2 PhD and 7 MsC theses. He has held four PhD courses in different European athenaea and, at Sapienza University in Rome, two regular courses as well as several seminars in the graduation degree teaching programme. Moved by a deep interest in cognition, science of mind and philosophy of science, Miguel has organised and participated in numerous seminars, meetings and lessons concerned with these topics, of both academic and divulgative character.